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New smile. New life.

These innovative clear aligners also have the power to improve your oral health in amazing ways. And while straight teeth will undoubtedly boost your confidence, excellent dental health is key to maximizing your overall well-being through the years. 

Halts Teeth Grinding

When your teeth are misaligned, the top and bottom sets do not perfectly match up as they should. The result is teeth grinding that can wear away the enamel and leave you vulnerable to infection, abscesses, and worse.

By straightening your teeth, you can slowly bring your teeth into proper alignment and reduce the risk of grinding. You’ll not only protect your teeth from wear and damage but also likely notice a decrease in jaw, face, and neck pain.

Improves Your Bite

If you have a bad bite, you might find it hard to chew your food, speak clearly, or avoid costly dental issues. Over- and under-bites can cause loose teeth, abfractions, and other oral health problems, especially if left untreated for an extended period of time.

As long as your bite issues are caused by misaligned teeth, you can remedy the issue with clear braces. The aligners will slowly pull the teeth into place and allow your jaw to rest in a natural position. You’ll find your bite slowly moving into a comfortable place as you step up through each aligner level.

Prevents Tooth Mobility

As misaligned teeth hit against each other, they slowly loosen in the socket. Over time, this can result in the loss of several teeth, especially as mobility increases in adjacent teeth as they become effected. This is similar to the process that happens with untreated gum disease, which can accelerate matters considerably if both problems occur at once.

In order to prevent this from happening and preserve your teeth, you can get clear aligners fitted by Dr. Lake. He will assist in moving your teeth into their ideal places to keep them from hitting each other and getting loose.

Decreases Abfraction Lesions

An improper bite and grinding can lead to the development of abfraction lesions along the gumline. These lesions are small triangle-shaped divots in the teeth, right where the gum line ends. They form as the stress of grinding and biting pushes against the soft cementum layer that lies beneath the surface.

As it lacks any enamel to protect it, this layer easily wears away, allowing the top of your tooth to take on a rounded appearance. If allowed to continue, your teeth could start to decay away or even break apart. By wearing Invisalign clear braces before that happens, you can protect the cementum layer from damage. Even if that layer has already suffered damage, clear aligners can help halt the process in its tracks.

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